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Self Love Ritual

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Self Love Ritual

This ritual enhances the love you have for YOURSELF raises your vibration, confidence and self esteem. The Ideal ritual for those who are just getting out of a relationship, friendship break up or close family member separation.

  • Heal daddy & mommy issues, abandonment issues
  • Assist those battling depression, anxiety & emotional trauma 
  • Enhances your personal power, ability to keep boundaries and stand on your shit!!! 
  • Stop checking/stalking your ex 
  • Stop saying yes to things you do not want to do! 
  • Stop accepting less than just because it’s available 
  • Feel, look & do YOUR BEST  
  • Attract relationships on a higher vibration 
  • Embrace your insecurities & OWN THAT SHIT! 

This ritual includes a candle I will light for you on my alter, but this is a ritual so you will participate by following instructions given by me. You will receive specific instructions, affirmations & a meditation playlist. You can purchase DIY option if you would like to light your ritual candle YOURSELF. 

Please text/email me with your name, birthday & order number or proof of payment after purchase. Your ritual will be done within 3 days of your purchase unless you purchase DIY option or an emergency service is purchased as well. 

text 203-881-6298

cashapp & chime: $eliteempress888


Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any decisions you make based on the information you receive or the events that may take place to ultimately bring about healing in the areas listed above. Please seek professional help if you are suicidal or suffering from severe trauma!!!   

No Refunds.