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About Me

My Name Is Karina And I Am A Psychic Medium, Life & Financial Coach. I’ve Been Featured as “Top 30 Life Coaches To Look Out For” in Disruptors Magazine & NYC Journal, And Passion Vista Global Magazine “Hall Of Fame”. Known As Elite Empress 888 On YouTube And Tiktok; I Offer Spiritual, Relationship, Financial, Divine & Ancestral Guidance. Early In Life I Experienced & Overcome Many Traumatic Circumstances Including Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse, The Loss Of Very Close Friends And Family Members, The Murder Of My Son’s Father & The Loss Of Our Son “Legend ”. Although Traumatic These Experiences Are What Brought Me Closer To God & The Angelic Realm. At The Start Of The Pandemic While Pregnant With My Daughter And Working As A Financial Advisor, I Developed A Spiritual Skincare Line “Santeria Beauty The Rose Glo Collection”. It Was Then The Holy Spirit Guided MANY People To Me Who Were Also In Need Of Spiritual Guidance. For The Duration Of My Pregnancy I Serviced & Coached Those Who Were Guided To Me. Before Giving Birth I Decided To Dedicate Myself To Serving God & Uplifting My Soul Family.

  • Psychic Readings

  • Spiritual Baths & Rituals

    Spiritual cleansing, chakra healing & protection methods play a very important role in keeping your vibration high and free from negative influences.

  • Spiritual Skincare

    Take Your Spiritual Protection Up a Notch & Make It Apart Of Your Skincare Routine

  • Hall Of Fame Award

    Passion Vista International Magazine Hall Of Fame Award

  • Feature In Disruptors Magazine

    Top 30 Life Coaches To Look Out For 2022

  • Feature In “The NYC Journal”

    Top 30 Life Coaches To Look Out For 2021


How to get over your toxic Ex, addiction or past trauma (tutorial)