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Legends Elite Empire

Call Back My Energy Ritual

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Call back all your energy from anyone & any realm. Take back your power from energy vampires who may be utilizing it to manifest, therefore stealing your manifestations from you! Cancel Ex partners & copycat frenemies energetically who may be still draining your sacral and Solar plexus chakras.

Symptoms your energy is being drained by vampires(narcissist): If you have writers block, lack of creativity, individuality, appetite, low finances, energy, libido; or if you have an overactive sex drive, appetite, scarcity mentality aka hustle hard syndrome, over working and underpaid, oversleeping or insomnia.

Includes: ritual candles, instructions & prayer to preform ritual. 

Please allow 3-5 day processing time before shipping. 

text 203-881-6298


cashapp & chime: $eliteempress888

Email/text proof of payment & product if you use the payment methods above. 

DISCLAIMER: After calling back your energy it is VERY LIKELY those who were utilizing it to manifest for themselves to try to contact you, randomly apologize, visit you or “long time no see” their way back in to reattach themselves to their supply. PAY ATTENTION!!! 

No Refunds.