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Legends Elite Empire

Cord Cutting Ritual

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Cut the energetic cord with a specific soultie keeping you in a karmic cycle of toxicity, influencing negative behaviors, addictions or abuse. Even with physical separation sometimes the cord must sometimes be cut energetically to fully be able to let go, heal and improve one’s overall life! A soul tie is a energetic tie usually made during sex, intimacy or on other occasions through spell work. A soultie is NOT a soulmate so it usually feels forced and is typically karmic, obsessive, toxic and sexually based. 

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Disclaimer: This ritual will not cut the cord with a Twinflame because twinflames are not connected by a cord or soultie, but it will assist in emotionally detaching from the outcome of your twinflame journey. DO NOT purchase if you are not ready to detach from the said person. 

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