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Legends Elite Empire

7 Chakras Crystal Box

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Includes: Rose Quartz, Red jasper, Yellow jasper, Green opal, Amethyst, Blue apatite, Septarian, Himalayan salt rock, See-through pouch, Large selenite wand, Evil eye bracelet, & information card. 

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Crystal Properties:

Rose Quartz~ Raises your vibration, restores trust and harmony into your relationships, self love, acceptance & forgiveness. Heart chakra 

 Amethyst~ Brings emotional and psychological harmony, grieving and healing from trauma or emotional turmoil, peace, meditation stone. Third Eye chakra

 Red jasper~ Stone of empowerment, strength to resist emotional manipulation & domination by others, domestic violence recovery. Sacral & Root chakra. 

 Yellow jasper~ Increased confidence in social situations, protection from gossip, inspires to complete projects, boost energy, individuality. Solar plexus chakra. 

 Green opal~ Stone of change, brings clarity, supports healing of friendships & strengthening of relationships, attracts abundance. Heart chakra. 

 Blue apatite~ Stone of growth, expands intellect, achieve set goals, raise psychic awareness, Aids in meditation and lucid dreaming, appetite suppressant. Crown & Throat chakra. 

 Septarian~ The dragons stone, Stone of health & wellbeing, focuses the body in healing itself, gives patience, confidence to speak in public, allows you to captivate audience’s attention. Root & Solar plexus chakra. 

 Himalayan salt rock~ Improves sleep, libido, clears sinuses, eases muscle cramps, deep cleans skin & soothes bites or blisters when used in a bath. Place near your bed or use in a bath. Does evaporate in water. 

Selenite crystal wand~ promotes peace and calm, provides clarity, clears blocked energy, helps you access your intuition, an effective space cleanser, vibrates at a very high frequency, self charging and when placed near other crystals it will charge them as well.